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Mask le aged man in the purple shirt le.ft the command cabin, leaving only two people still staying here.Just after opening the door of the command cabin, the middle aged man heard the cheers of other people in the spacecraft, watching the excited look on their faces, and a smile on the man s Mask face.There are hundreds of people in the spaceship, there are men and women, each wearing a different color of clothing, but now everyone s face is full of excitement.When I saw the Mask arrival of the man in the purple shirt, someone asked me, How long will it take to get to the earth Fang Liang looked at each other Mask with excitement and said with Mask a smile If the Mask coordinates you gave are correct, at the current speed, you should arrive in the earth in more than a month Yes, of course it s right The man laughed.Haha, good brother, you can rest assured. We will all develop back to the earth this time Now there are no powerful people on the earth.Everything is not all of us When you dig up a pile of Lingshi, sell a good price, then it s cool Many people think of Mask it.They were actually the eart

h cultivators who were forced to leave by Wushan in the past.When the earth was the strongest, there were tens of thousands of self cultivators, but Mask Mask after the war with Wushan, there were less than a how do respirator masks work thousand people left.They entered Mask the universe with. expectation, and thought that everything would be beautiful, but unfortunately, the difference between the facts and their imagination should face masks burn is not ordinary.In the past most comfortable full face respirator few years, they have been wandering in the universe, and have been to a lot of Mask planets, but only to best respirator mask sweethome find that their strength on the planet can only be regarded as the bottom layer, people everywhere to oppress, then life does not mention more wrong.In the time before and after, many of the 1,000 people suffered very badly, either dead or disabled, and some were directly sold as slaves.Today, only a half Mask of the ships in this spaceship are actually self cultivators from the earth, and this so called good Mask brother is a foreign strong and n99 mask disposable walmart their master When I left, most people took Mask the magic weapon away.However, these fall to the earth comprehension that can only b


e attached to this purple robe man, one of them left a magic weapon on the Mask earth, mainly because the magic weapon is more chicken, can not defend Mask and can not attack, only Detect the aura concentration in your environment.However, it is this magic weapon that makes him perceive the changes of the earth today, so he quickly told the current owner and then rushed to the earth.In fact, among the earth comprehens present, many people still have some worries in their he.arts. Mask Because they don t know why the earth has begun to recover from the earth.If the damn guy in Wushan is still dead, what should he do on earth However, they are almost mixed with the present, and now they sell the earth to the current owner, reflecting their value in order to continue to live.In their opinion, Wushan is mostly dead, or has left the earth, or the character of the guy will certainly continue to monopolize the aura of the earth, and the magic weapon Mask they left will react And even if Wushan is still not Mask dead, perhaps Wushan is not an opponent of good brother In any case, they must go back Mask

and try their luck.The people in the room do not want to continue to be Mask slaves, not to die.It is a pity that what kind of respirator do i use for smoke they do not how long does a disposable paint mask last know the thoughts of their master good brother at the moment.The purple shirt man Fang Liang slightly squinted, only one thought in his coronavirus japan heart is constantly flashing.As long as Mask you go to the Mask so called Earth, as long Mask as you become the master of the earth, re healing and restoring, and returning to the realm of cultivation in this vast starry sky, he will rise again As for the people of the earth who can be sold in their hometown, Mask they will kill it at that time Of course, this will have to wait until the earth is hands on.During the time of the Earth, Cloud Gat. e, founded by Ye XIII, Mask is rapidly developing at an alarming rate.According to the judgment of Ye XIII, the foundation of Yunmen is now even stronger than the Qingyun faction of the Ziyan Dynasty.After all, Mask everyone in Cloud Gate is practicing the clouds, and such a walmart cotton pads practice is far from being comparable to that of the Qingyun Mask School.Looking homemade face masks recipes at the development of Yunmen, Ye XIII could not help

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