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वास्तुशास्त्र एवं ज्योतिषः THE NAME GAME


I present here with a simple analysis on a few celebrity names and numbers. For now let us analyse some celebrity names. It is also true that some celebrity names may also not be in harmony and yet he/she is reaping benefits of fame and material success.  Even in those lives it has been observed that some pivotal area of life does strongly get affected in spite of their being born at highly opportune times.

In the course of my research I have often observed some names somehow being more marked and peculiar than others…names very prone to fatal tendencies or sudden changes in life… These we shall delve later on in our future articles.


A)  Native :   Ashok Kumar

Full Name/Real Name: Kumudlal Kunjilal Ganguly 

DOB- 13th Oct 1911…Birth number 13=4……..Life Path= 8…..

Kumudlal= 2+6+4+6+4+3+1+3=29=11(Chaldean)


Ganguly=3+1+5+3+6+3+1=22 ….total = 11+22+22= 55=10

Ashok Kumar

ASHOK= 1+3+5+7+2=18=9



B)  Kishore Kumar

Full Name/Real Name: Aabhas Kumar Ganguli

DOB: 4th August 1929, Birth Number 4, Life Path Number 15=6

Kishore Kumar

Kishore= (2+1+3+5+7+2+5)= 25

Kumar= (2+6+4+1+2).. Total = (25+15) = 13=4 (Chaldean) …..Complete match with birth number also reinforces the power of 4 in the native. Unconventionality, Erratic, practical , money minded, down to earth approach, Rigid in views…Does it not fit in with the late musical genius.?!!

Actual Name: Aabhas Kumar Ganguli

AABHAS- 1+1+2+5+1+3=13=4


GANGULY=3+1+5+3+6+3+1=22….TOTAL=32=5 (Chaldean)… This also gave him energies of ‘number 5’ making him highly versatile and did several things simultaneously including music. And yes believer of freedom even in music rarely adopting the classical style.


C)  Dilip Kumar

Full Name/ Real Name: Yusuf khan

DOB: 11th dec 1922…BIRTH NO : 11  LIFE PATH NUMBER: 10

Dilip Kumar

Dilip = (4+1+3+1+8)=8

Kumar= (2+6+4+1+2)  =6….      Total = 8+ 6 =14= 5…This number does give him versatility but is not in complete sync with his Birth Number, although in complete sync with his Life Path Number.  Number 5 is a number suitable for the communication industry but not in sync with number ‘11’. So does create obstructions in some spheres of life for the native.

Yusuf khan

YUSUF= 1+6+3+6+8=24=6

KHAN=2+5+1+5=13=4….TOTAL=6+4=10/1 (Chaldean)… This is again in sync with his Life Path Number….


D)  Akshay Kumar

Full Name/Real Name: Rajiv HariOm Bhatia

DOB: – 9th September 1967 … Birth Number: 9, Life Path Number : 23/5 ( Many actors are having the role of number ‘5’  perhaps helping them in the entertainment industry)


Rajiv = (2+1+1+1+6)= 11..( Chaldean)

Hari Om= (5+1+2+1+7+4)=20=2

Bhatia=(2+5+1+4+1+1)=14=5..  Total =9… In complete sync with his birth number, rendering him martial qualities, courage.

Akshay Kumar

Akshay = (1+2+3+5+1+1)= 13/4

Kumar= (2+6+4+1+2)= 15=6….. Total =10/1… This number is not in sync with the birth number but in complete sync with his life path…helping him perform versatile roles from comic to heroic ones.  Number 10 is also a signifier of wealth and fortune.


E)  A R Rahman (Allah Rakha Rahman)

Actual Name/Real Name: A.S. Dileep Kumar

DOB: 6th Jan 1966 ..  Birth Number 6, Life Path Number – 11

AR Rahman- ( We consider the numeric value of AR Rahman and not Allah Rakha Rahman as he is generally know by the name AR Rahman  or the most commonly used in his case ‘Rahman’)

A R= (1+2)=3

Rahman=3 ….  Total=3+3=6 in complete sync with his birth number and also with his profession involving Music.

A S Dileep Kumar

A S= 1+3=4

Dileep Kumar = Dilip = (4+1+3+1+8)=8….  A highly Karmic and peculiar number is ‘8’

Kumar=(2+6+4+1+2)  =6….      Total  = (4+8+6)= 18=9.. this is not in as much harmony as the new name of A R Rahman . Also does not provide the harmony that ‘number 6’ provides with respect to music and arts world.


Written by Anuj Om Kumar Bhat