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Mind Is Your Business: Sadhguru

“Once your mind becomes absolutely still, your intelligence transcends human limitations” – Sadhguru

In this book, Sadhguru talks about the mind, it opens our eyes how we see mind and our inner self , mind cannot be controlled if we sit in our mind but if we maintain some distance from mind and sees the mind then there will be huge pleasure of being yourself without alcohol drugs or other chemical we will be high in life without all these temporary things.

In this book you will also find how sadhguru has very scientific way of looking at all problems; it makes this book interesting to read. In this book author tried to analyze most subtle part of our body, our “mind”. Many times we don’t know reason behind our thoughts & lot of people get suffered due to excessive thinking or imagination in our mind. Here author explain how mind works & give some tips to liberate from it.




The book is presented in a question-answer format & it is very concise, clear, crisp, practical and life changing knowledge about our mind. It explains in a logical way how we may train our mind to come out of eternal conflict of our conscience.
There are nice stories and examples to know more about mind. It explains power of yoga and teaches Isha kriya. A gem of a book about the human mind and its role in our lives.

This book is worth to read.


Manusmriti Lakhotra


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