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Way to Spirituality: What is Meditation?


What is Meditation?

Meditation is a mix of physical and mental practice through which a person can just remain still, keep one’s mind calm and just relax. Meditation is in a way food for our soul and helps in attaining focussed attention in an effortless way. Meditation helps us cope with our stressful lives. It helps us achieve work-life balance and rejuvenates us, both internally and externally. Practised over a period of time, it has the power to instil great confidence in us, helping us overcome the swings of life. Meditation can enhance mental faculties, improve sleep, correct nervous conditions and can improve quality of attention. And of course will ensure spiritual advancement in the long run.

How To Meditate?

First of all choose a calm and clean place where you could spend time on a regular basis, preferably at fixed time slots. Though it can be practiced at any time, morning times are best suited for meditation. One should assume his meditative posture with erect spine and closed eyes . Smooth inhale and exhale of breath should be allowed. Now imagine or concentrate on any one image that you wish to set your eyes and heart on. This image should be same.

As one will focus , time and again, negative wandering thoughts will also go away. Initially it may be difficult to focus and tame the mind. Mind may initially be restless . No worries. As you slowly advance in your practice, you should start concentrating on the focussed image in the agna chakra area(between the two eye brows) . The more activated this chakra the more advanced is the quality of meditation. This meditative practice of activating the agna chakra with ajar eyelids and concentrating with steady stare on the eyebrow centre is often referred to as Shambhavi Mudra. Meditative practices can also be done while focussing on the nose tip(Nasagra Drishti).

May the Divine grace be with all of us, always.

Written by :- ANUJ OM KUMAR BHAT,