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NUMEROLOGY: Number 1 & its Characteristics !

Written by Anuj Om Kumar Bhat ( New Delhi)


This number does render ‘pride’ and ‘ ego’ to natives born under the influence of this number. Number ‘1’ persons do not like being dominated at work and wish to be respected by all. This is true even in their personal lives. They are possessive and wish that family members should listen to them and always respect them. 

Females born under this number are aristocratic and romantic and wish their partners to be the same. They need partners who can meet their expectations of physical love.  They are lovers of freedom. Number 1 is also the key to verbal self expression. These people love to work alone, lead and issue directions to their subordinates. They are the ones who like to lead, not be led.  Number 1 persons benefit from people of opposite sex.

They are the ones with strong will and determination .They are generally very practical in approach and think of ‘self first’ while making decisions. Generosity is not their innate characteristic.They give but only to those from whom they get or expect to get .This results in their being self centered and selfish,thus reducing the giving aspect of life, quite important for evolution and soul upliftment. Because of strong self centric attitude and  egoistic bent of mind, ‘Number 1’ persons should refrain from marrying people in their own number series as such a partnership  is likely to  lack the spirit of giving, shedding the ego and yielding – very necessary for making marriages a success. 

As ‘Sun’ directly governs this number, persons born under the influence of this number are highly confident of their abilities and are independent in their approach. Natives with this birth number should develop the capability of standing on their own and going from dependence to Independence. They should work towards attainment as an individual- for pioneering, creating and innovating when working alone and for assuming leadership roles when working with others. They are intelligent and witty. 

Sun being the Significator of Soul does give them a spiritualistic bent of mind. However they are not much ritualistic or fanatical in approach.  They are also acutely conscious of their public image and do a lot to enhance this image. This number does ensure financial prosperity, especially for those born on 10th and 19th of any month. Often Many Number 1(especially those born on 10th) are lucky enough to inherit good properties.People born on the 10th of any month are independent and seldom reveal their true feelings. Those born on ‘19th’ of any month may note that ‘Number 19’ is one of the luckiest numbers in Numerology.

The characteristics of number ‘1’ are valid for  all born under number 1 series( i.e. those born on 1st, 10th, 19th, 28th of any month), more so if they happen to be born  in Sun’s own house ,- Leo ( From 21st July to 20th august) and sign where Sun is Exalted,- Aries (21st March to 20th April).  

Number 1 persons are  in harmony with those born within their own number series (i.e.1st,10th,19th,28th of any month). They are also in harmony with those born under the 2,4,7 series numbers (i.e. Born on 2nd, 4th, 7th, 11th, 13th, 16th, 20th, 22nd, 25th, 29th and 31st of any month),more so if they are born in the zodiac of Leo and Aries as explained above. 

The days in harmony with  ‘number 1 series’  are Sunday and Monday , more so if these days have their own number (1st,10th, 19th, 28th) or numbers from other harmonious series i.e. 2,4,7 (2nd,4th,11th,13th,16th, 20th, 22nd, 25th, 29th, 31st  of any month) 

Famous People Born under the influence of ‘ Number 1’

1) Rekha –  10th October

2) Mukesh Ambani- 19th April

3) Dhirubhai Ambani- 28th December

4) Ratan Tata-28th December

5) Zeenat Aman- 19th November

6) Aishwarya Rai-1st November

7) Indira Gandhi-19th Nov

8) Rahul Gandhi-19th June

9) Bill Gates-28th Oct

10) Osama Bin Laden- 10th March

11) Princess Diana-1st July

12) Sharon Yvonne Stone-10th March

13) Pam Anderson-1st July

14) Alexander The Great-1st July

15) Annie Besant-1st October

16) Queen Alexandra-1st Dec

17) President Wilson-28th Dec

18) Richard Burton-19th Nov

19) Count Louis Hamon(‘Cheiro’)-1st Nov

20) Alexandre Dumas-28th July

21) Duke of Wellington-1st May 

22) Orville Wright- 19th Aug

23)      Nita Ambani- 1st Nov 1963

Image courtesy- Pixabay