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Blog: I was amazed at how, serene this animal was…!

File:  Cows are gentle animals, who are affectionate, emotional and intelligent.

Mahatma Gandhi described a cow as “a poem of compassion”. Cows are certainly deserving of our compassion as well as our understanding and respect.

Before this I didn’t know much about cows, Recently I visited a nearby Petrol pump for refueling my vehicle with my friend.

I was driving on a narrow road adjoining, residential society where I live. A golden color cow was walking on the side of road. As she was walking slowly and road was little crowded I pressed horn of my car just to warn or you can say, let know the animal to be cautious of a vehicle behind her.

Motive behind pressing the horn was only to warn about approaching vehicle, but suddenly the animal turned back. On this unexpected behavior I pressed brakes of my vehicle and stopped the car.

Cow stopped and turned back, she came close to us, stopped near the window gazing us. There was curiosity in her eyes. Both of us were astonished  with the behavior of this beautiful animal.  Cow was surprisingly beautiful; her eyes were very attractive. Calmly she was looking in our eyes.

We were wordless, though I started my vehicle, but there were some thoughts going on in my mind, I don’t know why but some guilt like feeling was coming in my mind.

Suddenly a thought came in mind that she approached us with some expectation, and I turned my vehicle towards nearby market. Both of us started looking for something which a cow can eat. We saw a vegetable vendor and asked for something which a cow can eat. He advised for spinach and we bought few bunch for her.

Quickly I turned vehicle towards that road where we met that beautiful animal, but she was not there.

Surprisingly driving hardly 50 metres we saw beautiful animal standing on the side of road, some 14-15 feet away from the road. On seeing her we stopped the car. She anxiously stepped forward and stopped after taking two three steps, she raised her ears and was looking at the vehicle with same anxiety. We felt like as she was waiting for us.

My friend approached that beautiful cow and lovingly she relished those bunches of spinach.

It was a memorable experience; I was amazed at how, serene this animal was…

Writer:  Dipti Saddar